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Does your home have the wrong connections?These case studies are of particular relevance to householders.

To find out if your home has a misconnection or if you water pipes are connected properly, then please go to the ConnectRight page.

Does your home have a misconnection, are your waste water pipes connected correctly?


Some informative factsheets for householders, provided by the Cheshire Wildlife Trust:

Does your home have the wrong connections? - We want to reduce water pollution in your local rivers and beaches to make them cleaner and safer for people and wildlife. But we need your help. To prevent pollution, we need you to check whether your home has the correct plumbing.

Domestic Sewage Systems - If your home is off the mains sewer network, it is your responsibility to ensure your sewage and waste water is not polluting the environment.

How well do you know your drains? - It is very easy to make things disappear down the drain, but have you ever thought about where it all ends up? There is a common misconception that everything you pour or flush away at home ends up in a sewage treatment plant, but that isn't quite how it works.

Pollution Provention - We need your help to improve the quality of our streams, rivers and beaches to make them cleaner and safer for people and wildlife. Your actions could be polluting your local waterways, and a few small changes in how you manage your land and animals would make a significant difference to the environment.


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