Essex Rivers Hub

Friday's consultation meeting at the Essex Records Office was a great success. Over 40 people attended; hosted by Essex Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency, people attended from water companies, local authorities, parish councils, Writtle College and a great turn out for volunteer river wardens. There was a real buzz at the meeting and we have had some great feedback.

Importantly, we were able to collate everyone’s views to three key questions:

Question 1: What are the issues that you're concerned about in your local river or waterbody?

Question 2: Where flexibility exists, should the priority be maximising the number of water bodies at good status or improving the worst water bodies?

Question 3: What measures can you deliver to help achieve the long term objectives?

So what happens next? This information will be combined with information that was gained through workshops in September 2014 and a catchment plan will be produced which will outline our next steps. There will be more updates on this coming up in the near future.

Thursday 12 March 2015.

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