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The Environment Agency are currently undertaking a consultation on the latest iteration of their water company drought plan guidelines.

The guidance which was revised in September 2019 sets out what companies must and should include in their statutory drought management plans. These plans focus on the actions companies plan to take to maintain water supply and protect the environment from their operations during a drought.

The guidelines are updated every 5 years to ensure that the technical information is up to date and that lessons learnt from recent research and experience of drought has been incorporated.

The updated draft has been reviewed internally within the Environment Agency but they would like to consult with the organisations and individuals affected by the guidelines.

The water company drought plan guideline and three supplementary documents can be found on the Environment Agency’s website and are open for consultation until 18th October 2019.

Following the hot and dry weather that Essex has been experiencing we are seeing reduced flow and water levels across the combined Essex catchment. We therefore encourage partners to respond to the consultation, which can be done as either an individual, a group or as an organisation.

If you would like to respond to the consultation please visit the Environment Agency’s website and click on the ‘Respond online’ link to answer the consultation questions.

Alternatively, you can submit your response by email or post by downloading the response form which can be found here.


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