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This map shows the current projects; potential, in progress and completed, for the River Pant. Hover over a number to see a project summary, click on the number to see the full project details.

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After severe flooding in the village of Finchingfield in 2012 and 2014, the ‘Slow the flow’ project was launched by Spains Hall Estate in conjunction with the Environment Agency, Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust and Essex Wildlife Trust. The project aims to prevent flooding downstream in Finchingfield and the surrounding areas through water slowing measures.

Ironbridge farm is a lovely site on the banks of the River Pant, near Shalford. The value of Ironbridge is recognised in its designation as a Local wildlife site, which means it is important at a county level for wildlife. Due to this designation, it was deemed perfect for a river restoration project. 

Millfield plantation is a private site on the banks of the River Pant, near Great Sampford. It is one of the few sites in this part of Essex which still supports a grazing operation. Thus it was in part ideal for a river restoration project. 

Willow, alder and birch thrive in poorly drained or seasonally flooded areas, growing together to make the woods we call 'wet woodland'. This kind of woodland is found on floodplains, in fens and bogs, on the banks of rivers, streams and lakes, and along hillside flushes. Wet woodland can be found on a range of soils from mineral-rich alkaline soils to acidic, nutrient-poor soils.

Over half a million ponds have been lost over the last century and with them being able to support a wide variety of wildlife, it is important to restore and create ponds where the habitat is sutiable.

Wet woodland restoration & enhancement, offline pond restoration. This section is notably neglected. A series of ditch works and coppicing aim to create a good functioning area of wet woodland, whilst a series of old disused ponds can be reinstated to offset the impacts of the upstream mill race.

Hedgerows are complex habitats that provide shelter, food and corridors for a large number of plant and animal species.

This section of the River Pant will benefit from 600m of back channel reinstatement. This reinstatement will help to increase the river habitat abnd therefore increase the diversity of the site.

Plough hill farm is a small land holding in the upper reaches of the River Pant. The landholding is grassland and is one of the few places that is not arable. This made it ideal to explore for any potential river restoration projects. 

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