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Along the brook, in Belfairs Park, there are areas referred to as cut off meanders or ox bows. These are areas cut off from the main channel by the build-up of silt being which has been deposited there over many years.

Woody debris has been installed into the river in Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park in 6 locations. The wood
has been installed to create additional in-channel habitats within Nobles Green Ditch. Some bankside management was also undertaken to remove overhanging vegetation, this will reduce shading and allow more in-channel vegetation to develop.

In this location there are two ditches that are not attached to the main channel, possibly cut-off meanders. These ditches could be improved to allow vegetation to develop and become off-channel wetland habitats. These areas would also benefit from being fenced so they are protected from the impact walkers and dogs would have on the emerging vegetation allowing it to develop more effectively.

There is a significant concrete structure within the channel which will have an impact on fish migration. This structure involves a large concrete wall with only a small opening for water to flow through and structures that hold back debris. 

Just upstream from the lake there is a weir, it is thought that this was constructed to heighten the water level to allow this to filter down a ditch into the lake. Due to the high phosphate levels in the main channel, when this was entering the lake it was resulting in the growth of blue green algae so it was decided to prevent water from the channel entering the lake and instead let it fill naturally via rain water.

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