Stour Estuary

Ramsey Creek Pressures

The table below shows the current pressures that this waterbody faces and the solutions that could be put in place to solve these problems. You can learn more about some of these pressures and solutions on the Environment Agency Catchment Data Explorer or you can contact us to find out more.



    Diffuse pollution




    Physical modification


    Fish passage


    Invasive species


    Point source



There is a problem with Carp in this waterbody. The carp are contributing to the reduced dissolved oxygen levels.

Engage local fishermen to ensure that there is no further stocking of the river.

Work to eradicate the carp on this stretch of river.

This waterbody is surrounded by mainly arable fields; the run off from these fields often contains a range of pollutants including phosphate.

Monitor water quality further and then engage local landowners with an aim of reducing the amount of pollution that enters the river from fields.

Flood protection via a pumping station at this site has an impact on the flow within the waterbody. This reduction in flow causes real problems with dissolved oxygen levels in the water.

There is a need to review the pumping structure to see if anything can be done to help to improve the flow within the waterbody whilst still providing the protection from flooding.

There may be a need to review the hydrology of this site.

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