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The aim of the project is to engage with local residents to become volunteer Coastal Wardens. This is a great way to get out and about and learn more about the wildlife in your local coastal area and how to protect it. If you live near the coast or regularly walk your dog along the seawall, perhaps you could become a volunteer Coastal Warden?

As a volunteer Coastal Warden, you would have a key role in monitoring a short stretch of your local coastal zone, seawall, saltmarsh, mudflat or beach and reporting back information by:

  • Recording wildlife and habitat features – information which adds to our knowledge and helps to  make good decisions about how to improve the area.
  • Monitoring wildlife including saltmarsh plants, key marine indicator species (positive and negative) understanding trends and looking for changes
  • Recording and alerting on pollution incidents – it's vital to respond quickly
  • Recording invasive species - so that action can be taken rapidly to deal with them
  • Reporting fly tipping and littering – it’s unsightly and threatens people, wildlife
  • Recording localised issues such as damage to sea walls and other river issues which may affect your community
  • Acting as a point of contact in parishes and communities about education initiatives, raising awareness about the environment and liaising with other local user groups.

As a volunteer, you could commit as little or much time as you have available and choose the area that you would want to monitor, maybe working in pairs or small groups. Full training would be given to undertake surveys and monitoring, Health & Safety and to understand issues including pollution and nutrient runoff affecting your local coastal area. All the necessary equipment would be provided and you would be fully supported by Essex Wildlife Trust staff, the Environment Agency and Anglian Water. The first training courses for this project will being in April 2016.



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