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Water Voles and Otters are a key part of our river habitats, therefore it is important that we monitor them.

Riversearch has been running for a number of years and involves volunteers monitoring sections of river throughout the year, looking for signs of these species. All information collected feeds into a long term data set which shows how these species populations have changed over time. This information can then be used to target resources to protect existing populations and determine why they are absent from other areas.

Training courses are run yearly, educating people on what signs to look for and where to look for them. This training is needed to become part of Riversearch and this project is supported by Darren Tansley, Water for Wildlife Officer at Essex Wildlife Trust.

Here are some information sheets that can help with identifying these species:


Water Voles

If you are not currently a volunteer River Warden and/or part of Riversearch but would like to be then please contact us. Please indicate what area you are interested in monitoring, your availability and information about what you would like to get out of volunteering and we will be able to send you more information.










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