River Chelmer

This catchment includes the whole of the Chelmer, Stebbing Brook, Boreham Brook and Sandon Brook. The Chelmer is 65km, Sandon Brook is 28km and Boreham Brook is 3km in length.

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This stretch of river flows from Thaxted to the north to the village of Monk Street further south. This is a rural area, and the surrounding land use is predominantly arable, with occasional areas of woodland or pasture.

This section runs to the east of Great Dunmow and flows through grazing land bordered by urban and suburban areas.

The upstream section of this river, to the south of Great Dunmow, is predominantly bordered by paddocks, with short grass adjacent to the river banks. Downstream from the A120 the land use changes to mostly arable land without buffer strips. To the west of Felsted there are also wooded areas alongside the channel.

Running from Felsted in the upstream section to Hartford End in the south, this section of river is characterised by arable land running adjacent to the channel, buffered by thin strips of grassland in places.

This stretch of river runs past Hartford End and Littley Green to intersect with Essex Regiment Way to the south. The river corridor runs through predominantly grassland grazed by horses in places, giving way to arable land with occasional woodland and scrubby areas.

This section of river runs under Essex Regiment Way to the north and flows through grassland habitat in the upstream section to more arable land downstream. Woodland and scrubby areas are also present in this section of river, although woody debris in the channel was rare.

This stretch of river is variable in character, as the surrounding land use changes from the suburban land around Little Waltham to floodplain grassland with some arable areas in the downstream section. The channel itself is also variable in profile, but is generally unmodified in character although some man made structures are present.

This section of channel runs through predominantly floodplain grassland to the north of Chelmsford city centre. The floodplain is bordered by Essex Regiment Way to the east and by suburban Broomfield to the west, and is characterised by a sluggish, shallow channel with occasional bankside trees.

This is an area of pasture / grazing land; this changes to urban / suburban areas in the downstream section.

A heavily urbanised section of river running through Chelmsford and adjacent to a shopping centre.

An area of predominantly floodplain grassland, with some arable land in the downstream section.

A heavily modified but pleasant stretch of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, running through predominantly arable land to the south of Boreham.

A stretch of the Chelmer and Blackwater navigation subject to high recreational use, and surrounded by predominantly arable land.

A meandering stretch of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation flowing down towards the Heybridge Basin. The surrounding land use is predominantly arable, but grazing pasture, disused ground workings and recreational grassland are also present.

An urbanised section of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, running through Heybridge on its way to the Blackwater Estuary at Goldhanger Creek.

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