River Colne

This catchment consists of the River Colne, Stambourne Brook, Toppesfield Brook, Pebmarsh Brook and Salary Brook. The Colne has been split into 3 sections and covers a total length of 50km. Stambourne (6km in length) and Toppesfield Brook (6km in length) flow into the middle section of the Colne (identified as Great Yeldham to Doe’s Corner), Pebmarsh (5km in length) and Salary Brook (15km in length) flow into the downstream section (identified as downstream of Doe’s Corner). Bourne Brook also flows into the River Colne.

This map shows the completed walkovers for the River Colne.

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This rural stretch of the river loops through small strips of woodland bordered by predominantly arable areas to the north of Great Yeldham.

This stretch of river runs through arable / tilled and grazing land.

This stretch of the river is bordered by arable / tilled land with some grazing.

This stretch of river flows through grazing pasture, grazed by sheep.

This stretch of river flows through grazing pastures with sheep and some arable land.

River Colne at Chappel

This stretch of the Colne Valley consists of a relatively unmodified stretch of river winding through pasture land predominantly used for sheep grazing. Cricket Bat Willow plantation is a common feature along this part of the river, with some arable land in the downstream part of the section.

River Colne at Fordham

A meandering stretch of river in between two road bridges to the south of the Essex Way at Fordham. This is a relatively well-wooded section, adjacent to rough grassland alongside the channel.

River Colne downstream of Fordham

This is a very rural section of river that meanders through predominantly arable fields, with some grazing pasture in the upstream section.

River Colne at Colchester

A heavily urbanised section of river flowing from the A133/A134 junction to the west of Colchester, through the town to the start of the Colne estuary downstream.

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