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This stretch of river to the north of Braintree and Bocking is characterised by a relatively narrow, fast flowing channel, surrounded by arable land and woodland. 

This stretch of river near Shalford is a relatively narrow section, which was shallow and slow flowing at the time of the survey. The adjacent land use was variable, but the channel itself is relatively unmodified.

This stretch of river is relatively unmodifed, and has a variety of land use types along the river bank, including rough grassland, arable land, and suburban habitat.

This short, straight stretch of channel joins another small watercourse at Wimbish to form the main River Pant. The channel runs through predominantly arable land, with small paddocks alongside the downstream section.

This stretch of the river flows from Radwinter through grazing land in the upstream of section and through arable farmland to Clay Wood downstream.

River Pant near Petches Bridge

A shallow, meandering stretch of river with natural features such as riffles and silt bars throughout. Grazing pasture adjacent to the watercourse gives way to arable land further across the valley.

River Pant, Great Sampford

A meandering stretch of river that is in good condition overall but shows signs of having been straightened in places. This stretch shows signs of being impacted by run off from adjoining land in parts.

River Pant, Bell Lane

This stretch of river is predominantly rural but the land use changes to surburban areas in the downstream section.

This section of the river runs downstream from Clay Wood to meet the B1051 just south of Great Sampford. This is a meandering stretch of the river with little modification to the channel.

A long loop of the River Pant that joins a tributary south of Wimbish to form the main channel. This is a mainly arable area, but occasional paddocks and wooded patches were also present along this stretch.

This section of river runs through rural, predominantly arable land to the south of the B1053. However there is also a significant of grazed land along this stretch with horses, goats and llamas all recorded in the fields adjacent to the channel.

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