River Stour

This catchment consists of the Upper River Stour, which is split into 2 parts (Upper Stour and Upper Stour upstream of Lamarsh), Chad Brook, Lower Glem, Upper Glem, Chilton Brook, Belchamp Brook, Stour Brook and Bumpstead Brook. Upper Stour and Upper Stour upstream of Lamarsh are the main water bodies within the catchment and the others are tributaries that flow into the Upper Stour a part from the upper Glem which flows into the Lower Glem.

This catchment also includes the Lower River Stour (split into 2 sections; Lower River Stour downstream of Lamarsh and Lower River Stour), River Box, Lavenham Brook, River Brett, Old River Brett and Bildeston Brook. Lavenham Brook flows into River Brett and the River Brett flows into Lower River Stour. Both Old River Brett and Bildeston Brook flow into the Lavenham Brook/River Brett area and the River Box is another tributary of the River Stour.

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