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River Ter walkovers

This map shows the completed walkovers for the River Ter. Hover over a marker to see a summary of the walkover, click on the marker to see the full walkover details.

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River Ter, Molehill Green to Thistley Green

This stretch of river is relatively straight and narrow, and flows predominantly through arable fields. There are few artificial structures, other than an occasional footbridge across the channel where there is access via public footpaths. Read more...

River Ter, Thistley Green to Leez Lodge Lakes

This section of river forms a tight loop from Thistley Green to Leez Lodge Lakes, and is adjacent to a former Priory. The river is predominantly shallow and runs through arable land, with a number of lakes and former fishing areas nearby. Read more...

Ter; Bridgehouse Farm

The area around this stretch of river is predominantly grazing pasture but no livestock were recorded at the time of the survey. Read more...

Ter; Fish Ponds

Water is shallow and channel is narrow. The area is very overgrown, making most areas inaccessible for survey. Read more...

Ter; Leez Lane

The area around this stretch of river is arable and grazing land with cows being the main livestock recorded. Read more...

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