From source to sea, Keep Britain Tidy believes that everyone should love where they live and take responsibility for the natural environment.

Rivercare & Beachcare is an initiative encouraging communities to take pride in their local environment and come together to maintain and enhance this for future generations.

Rivercare and Beachcare support communities to set up active volunteer groups who take action on the ground and clear up litter, remove non-native species, survey and monitor flora and fauna and undertake habitat improvement work.

It takes a very special person to dedicate time out of their (usually already hectic) life to volunteer and Keep Britain Tidy think their volunteers are modern day heroes.

Keep Britain Tidy, RiverCare & Beachcare is funded by Anglian Water.

Keep Britain Tidy provides equipment, insurance, advice and guidance to make sure that everyone can have fun and be safe while working within their natural environment. Many of the groups receive support and collaborate with the Wildlife Trusts, Environment Agency, Natural England, district and county councils to manage vital wildlife corridors and associated habitats.

There are currently 11 Rivercare and Beachcare groups in Essex with over 200 volunteers.

Steve Waters, Rivercare Group Leader from Colchester "I like being involved in Rivercare, because it gives us help in keeping the river clean, it provides useful equipment to make the cleaning easier, and with frequent meetings involving the coordinators and other groups, can inspire me to do more. I was encouraged to become a volunteer River Warden, with the Essex Wildlife Trust, which involves searching for signs of otters and Water Voles on the river, being aware of invasive species in or near the river, and observing and reporting any changes to the river i.e. excessive foaming, oil residues, dead animals, all this makes the Colne a better healthier place to be in or around.

RiverCare and Beachcare groups represent the power of community spirit and that loving wildlife and loving where you live, goes beyond social boundaries.

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Friday 30th October 2015.

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